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“There are many paths up the mountain but they all lead to the same peak.”

In this class, Spirit & Form, many lineages of yoga are incorporated into one practice. Even though there are many paths within the yoga tradition, they all lead to the Self. The rythmic chanting or kirtan of bhakti yoga is seamlessly infused with hatha yoga and kriyas. The combination of these practices is an element for true inner expansion. If you’ve been practicing physical yoga and you feel you’ve plateaued or your practice feels flat, it’s not that it isn’t working anymore, it’s a sign you are ready to move towards these more subtle practices. At Spirit & Form we use asana or postures as a stepping stone into the higher limbs of yoga to experience life on a deeper and more connected level. It’s through this deep inner connection, a direct result of the purification of body and mind, that we also start to create the transformation of the outer world we all seek. Use the synergy of bhakti, hatha, vinyasa, and kriya yoga to accelerate your practice into deeper and more expansive ways of being and living.