I was somewhat forced into my first yoga class while I was staying with a friend in Calgary many years ago. Since coming from an active background, I assumed I would fly through the practice.  After all, I knew my body and I knew how to control it….Or so I thought. The first class was a complete struggle, and I lay on my back most of the hour. I would get up every once in a while to attempt a few poses. After returning 3 days in a row, I felt a subtle change. A sense of clarity, strength, and lightness started to come over me. When I got back to NYC, I had a strong curiosity and started seeking out yoga classes. This was going to make me strong, and I thought yoga was about performing poses on a mat for exercise. As I dug deeper and my inner world started to expand, I realized there was so much more than the physical that made up the practice, and this practice wasn’t just effecting my body physically. I soon realized it was all about the mind.  The more I became aware of the negativity and habitual thinking that had built up in my mind, the more it just started to melt away.  Yoga then turned into a spiritual quest, and I knew right away I was meant to share the gift, to shift others the way I have been shifted. 

I specializes in fusing traditional yoga techniques into a modern yoga practice with teachings that root back to Krishnamacharya as passed down from my teachers at Yogamaya New York. My classes are also heavily inspired by the Bhakti Center’s teachers Rhadanath Swami, Dhanudara Swami, and Kaustubah Das; and as well as my current teachers Guru Singh and Jai Dev. Expect techniques and practices rooted in yoga philosophy, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, bhakti yoga, and kriya yoga taught in a current and applicable way.